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Growth by Design

We spot opportunities in unmet customer needs, invent breakthrough concepts, and make organizations more innovative and agile.

Product Design

Our product design teams explore unmet consumer needs to inspire new breakthrough creations. We iterate and learn through rapid prototyping before delivering the product design, along with the commercial case, manufacturing plan, and the market-entry platform to support a successful product launch.

Experience Design

We design experiences that delight customers and drive top-line growth. Design thinking helps us empathize with customers at every step in their decision journey. We then reenvision how best to engage those customers and create new experiences, which we test and refine using agile methods. The impact is rapid and dramatic—on customer satisfaction, revenue growth, cost to serve, and employee engagement.

Service Design

A service includes multiple touchpoints with consumers—online and offline experiences as well as physical products. We reimagine services in order to create new economic value and meet customer needs in new ways. We anchor our work on human-centered design, developing integrated systems of touchpoints and interactions. We help bring innovative services to life by mapping the underlying experiential, technological, and operational requirements.




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